Month: January 2016

Drug overdoses have been the main cause of injury death in the United States since 2008, according to the DEA. Car crashes used to be first in line, but deaths from drug overdose have now far surpassed those from motor vehicle accidents and firearms. How bad is the problem? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention… Read More

The new Goodrx Top 10 Lists are in, and this time we take a look back at the end of 2015. These are the most popular and most expensive drugs in the US, and they cover all kinds of conditions from common heart and pain meds to pricey treatments for cancer and genetic disorders. To start… Read More

A generic for cancer med Gleevec (imatinib mesylate) has been approved, and will be available soon. Gleevec is used to treat multiple types of cancener, including chronic myeloid leukemia. Chronic myeloid leukemia or CML is a rare blood-cell cancer that begins in the bone marrow, and causes your body to produce too many white blood… Read More

The use of bioidentical hormones by menopausal women is on the rise. Bioidentical hormone replacement, also known as compounded hormone therapy, isn’t nearly as well studied as conventional hormone replacement therapy and isn’t regulated—yet it is used by 2.5 million women in the US. Why’d they become a thing? After publication of the 2002 Women’s Health… Read More

Please email us at if you have any questions about using a discount, or if you’ve had any trouble at the pharmacy. Walmart and Sam’s Club are updating their pharmacy computer systems this month. As a result, your Walmart or Sam’s Club pharmacist may require you to present your GoodRx discount again. Don’t worry!… Read More

Manufacturer Pfizer has issued a voluntary recall of two strengths of Lyrica (pregabalin). Lyrica is a popular medication used to help relieve nerve pain, and in combination with other medications for some kinds of seizures. This is a class II recall, the most common type of recall, which means that there is a situation where use of the… Read More

Good news if you have a Kmart pharmacy near you—Kmart is introducing a new savings program for 2016. The Kmart Pharmacy Savings Plus program will offer discounts on generic medications, along with savings on extras like pet meds, immunizations, and other extras that will change every few months. How much can you save? Kmart will… Read More

Whether you’re still sticking with your New Year’s resolutions or not, it isn’t too late to start fresh. These are the resolutions your doctor wants you to make—and keep. Feel better, reduce your risk of stroke and heart disease, eat healthier, and stay safe . . . it sounds like a lot to take on,… Read More

Manufacturer Noven Therapeutics has issued a voluntary recall of three strengths of the Daytrana patch, a topical (used on the skin) ADHD treatment. This is a class II recall, the most common type of recall, which means that there is a situation where use of the recalled medication may cause temporary or medically reversible adverse… Read More

Do you use a prescription for rashes, acne or rosacea, or other skin conditions? Then you know that those creams and ointments can cost you. If there’s ever a time you should be angry at the cost of a medication, here it is. How can you keep your costs down? Can you just use an over the… Read More