Month: August 2013

A new HIV medication, Tivicay (dolutegravir) was approved this month by the FDA for use in combination with standard HIV regimens. Tivicay is part of a class of anti-HIV drugs known as integrase inhibitors. These drugs work by preventing the activity of an enzyme necessary for the virus to multiply in cells. The only other… Read More

Now we know it’s ten, not five. For women with estrogen receptor positive breast cancer, recommendations have changed in the last year regarding tamoxifen. Women who are not candidates for aromatase inhibitors like anastrozole (Arimidex) and letrozole (Femara) take the daily pill tamoxifen to prevent breast cancer recurrence. This year the recommendation changed for the… Read More

Four is better than three right? The new flu vaccine, approved this week by the FDA, will cover four strains of the flu virus instead of three. The new quadrivalent vaccine, FluLaval Quadrivalent, is the second flu vaccine available that covers four strains. Four primary influenza strains circulate each year causing the majority of influenza… Read More

Have you had a minor sprain, strain, or muscle ache that took some time to heal? Minor musculoskeletal injuries are a common complaint for many people. These injuries can affect your muscles, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, or bones. Your GoodRx pharmacist’s advice: get some RICE! Minor aches, sprains and strains occur due to a variety of… Read More

Selected strengths of phenobarbital are currently experiencing availability issues in pharmacies. The availability issues are related to manufacturing discontinuations, and the affected strengths are not available through distributors. Here is what you need to know: What is phenobarbital? Phenobarbital, part of the barbiturates class, is used in the treatment of seizures and as a sedative…. Read More

Hair loss is a big deal for men and women. Many of you, however, are wary of taking a pill every day for hair loss. Topical treatments for hair loss are a good option and help you avoid some of the potential side effects that come with a daily pill. Turns out there is exciting… Read More

The FDA recently ruled that the malaria drug mefloquine will now require a boxed safety warning on its labeling. A boxed warning or “black box warning” is the most serious warning regarding potential side effects. Mefloquine is used for the treatment or prevention of malaria, a parasitic disease transmitted through mosquito bites. The CDC reports that… Read More

Ugh, nail fungus. If you are like most people, you’d rather use a topical medication (a cream, ointment, or nail solution) instead of a pill to treat it. Antifungal pills do work, but they carry the risk of liver damage and monitoring is necessary when taking them. Current topical options are sort of dismal right… Read More

Manufacturer Nexus Pharmaceuticals has issued a voluntary recall of two lots of its benztropine mesylate injection. The recall affects the 2 mg / 2 ml, single dose 2 ml vials, and is due to the possibility of visible particulate matter in the vials. The recall is precautionary; there haven’t been any reported reactions, complaints, or… Read More

If you notice a rash, blister, or other skin reaction while taking any drug containing acetaminophen, you should stop taking the medication immediately and contact your doctor or other health provider. The symptoms can be signs of three rare but very serious skin disorders, caused by a reaction to the acetaminophen. Acetaminophen is the active… Read More