Month: May 2013

Improve my pain and I’ll pay whatever it takes. That’s what many patients who struggle with pain in their feet from diabetic neuropathy, pain after a shingles outbreak or any other nerve pain say to their doctors. Gabapentin works, and it’s cheap and generic. But guess what, there are now two long-acting forms that aren’t… Read More

Two doses of progesterone-releasing IUDs are now available and are popular new options for birth control. Levonorgestrel (synthetic progesterone) IUDs are used for contraception and to control heavy menstrual bleeding. Women like these IUDs because you have little to no menstrual cycles and they are in place for years. Mirena vs. Skyla, which one is… Read More

Zolmitriptan, the generic form of migraine meds Zomig (the tablet form) and Zomig ZMT (the orally disintegrating tablet form) is available in pharmacies now! Like the brand, zolmitriptan tablets and orally disintegrating tablets are available in 5 mg and 2.5 mg doses, and sold in packages of 3 or 6. The nasal spray is still… Read More

Insomnia is defined as “difficulty initiating or maintaining sleep” either over a short period of time or as a chronic problem. It is believed to affect 30 – 35% of adults and is common in the elderly. In some cases difficulty sleeping can be related to short-term stress (anxiety, worry, environment) that leads to sleep… Read More

In the hunt for the female Viagra, there has been a small victory. Osphena has been approved for vaginal dryness and painful intercourse as a result of vaginal atrophy that occurs with menopause. What does this mean and will this help improve libido in women? Libido in women takes a huge dive during menopause. One… Read More

Over the past few years, pharmacy services in many places have been expanded to cover Medication Therapy Management (MTM). MTM is a service provided by a pharmacist aimed at improving your health through better drug-related care. So what is MTM exactly? The American Pharmacists Association (APhA) describes MTM as a broad range of health care… Read More

Finasteride (generic Propecia) has also been available for some time now as a generic alternative to Proscar, the benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) med. Since the two are different strengths—1 mg for Propecia and 5 mg for Proscar—a generic specifically for Propecia should have been great news for anyone looking to save. The 5 mg finasteride… Read More

One of the most glaring examples of random pricing of medications is the varying price of capsules vs tablets. Most physicians and pharmacists know that the same medication will work just as well in a capsule or tablet form, but many don’t know there is such a huge price difference. Listen up. Aside from some… Read More

Recently the FDA announced new changes to current rules regarding emergency contraception. The medication in question, Plan B One-Step, is a single high-dose hormone (levonorgestrel) treatment that can prevent pregnancy if used correctly within 72 hours of contraceptive failure. It does not prevent sexually transmitted diseases. Previously, Plan B One-Step was available over the counter… Read More

Those of you on the blood thinner Coumadin (warfarin) know the dangers of your blood being too thin, which can lead to serious bleeding complications. For this reason, Coumadin is the medication responsible for the most hospitalizations due to complications. What happens is the levels of blood thinner get too high because your dose hasn’t… Read More