Month: December 2011

blue pills in dose pack

Many of you are experiencing price gouging at $10 – $14 a pill for your erectile dysfunction medications. I was reminded today by a patient, who takes 50 mg of Viagra as needed, that we can save you some money. Here is what you need to know before you spend the dough: 1) Viagra will… Read More

What’s the story with Pradaxa (dabigatran)? The buzz created by the heavy marketing campaign from Boehringer Ingelheim, the makers of Pradaxa, has made its mark because many of my patients are asking: what’s the story with the new and better warfarin? Physicians and patients alike have been anticipating the arrival of this new blood thinner… Read More

What are the most dangerous medications? Results from a recent study highlight four drugs that are responsible for a shocking number of negative effects. Data from 2007 – 2009 shows that these four drugs were involved in more than two-thirds of the hospitalizations of older patients for harmful drug reactions and incidents. Researchers looked at… Read More

For those of you paying big bucks for your cholesterol medication Lipitor: you have an early Christmas present. Finally, atorvastatin, a generic alternative to Lipitor, has been shipped! On November 30, 2011, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved two generic versions of the cholesterol lowering drug Lipitor (atorvastatin), made by Ranbaxy Laboratories and Watson Pharmaceuticals. Atorvastatin… Read More

Insomnia has a huge impact on people’s lives, with many relying on a medication for sleep. Sales of Ambien and Lunesta were over $3 billion in 2007. Ambien and Ambien CR then became available as generics (zolpidem and zolpidem er) so the hunt was on for new brand name insomnia medications, which are big money… Read More

Today I saw a 24-year-old patient who landed her first job a year ago. Her OB/GYN had prescribed Beyaz as an oral contraceptive for her and she was paying $95 a month to fill it, she told me with tears in her eyes. “Are there other options?” she asked. Oh yeah, there are. What’s Beyaz?… Read More

I’ll bet you don’t hear a doctor say that very often. I am an adult medicine doctor who treats thousands of patients every year. Doctors have traditionally been trained to do what’s best for the patient, regardless of cost. And we do just that—our primary goal is to achieve the best possible outcomes for the… Read More