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Use this to determine what type of medication you have, based on its shape, color, and other identifying characteristics.

What is an "imprint"?

What if my medication doesn’t have an imprint?

PD 156

Other Popular Drug Imprints

319 M 35 M 32
194 70 IP 109
TL177 M367 M 18
WATSON VGR 100 300 mg IG322
PLIVA 433 GG 257 123
OME 20 OME 20 54 760 H 49
WATSON 853 M366 IP 102 IP 102
M365 AMOX 500 GG 849 500 LUPIN 500 LUPIN
5 RX693 RX693 751
LUPIN IP 466 West-ward 477
MYLAN 345 31 62 PLIVA 334
Macrobid 52427-285 8I AR374
IP 272 West-ward 473 AMOX 500 GG 849
TEVA 3109 AN 627 12
M 2 58 ROCHE 75 mg

Pill Images by Shape and Color

Black Capsule Green Pentagon Red Oblong
Blue D-Shaped Green Rectangular Red Octagon
Blue Apple Green Round Red Oval
Blue Capsule Green Square Red Pentagon
Blue Diamond Green Tear Red Round
Blue Hexagon Green Triangle Red Square
Blue Modified Rectangle Orange Capsule Red Triangle
Blue Oblong Orange Diamond White D-Shaped
Blue Octagon Orange Hexagon White Bullet
Blue Oval Orange Modified Rectangle White Capsule
Blue Pentagon Orange Oblong White Diamond
Blue Rectangular Orange Octagon White Double Circle
Blue Round Orange Oval White Heart
Blue Shield Orange Pentagon White Hexagon
Blue Square Orange Rectangular White Kidney
Blue Triangle Orange Round White Modified Rectangle
Brown Bullet Orange Shield White Oblong
Brown Capsule Orange Square White Octagon
Brown Diamond Orange Tear White Oval
Brown Hexagon Orange Triangle White Pentagon
Brown Modified Rectangle Pink Capsule White Rectangular
Brown Oblong Pink Diamond White Round
Brown Octagon Pink Heart White Shield
Brown Oval Pink Hexagon White Square
Brown Pentagon Pink Modified Rectangle White Tear
Brown Rectangular Pink Oblong White Trapezoid
Brown Round Pink Octagon White Triangle
Brown Shield Pink Oval Yellow D-Shaped
Brown Square Pink Pentagon Yellow Bow-Tie
Brown Triangle Pink Rectangular Yellow Capsule
Gray D-Shaped Pink Round Yellow Diamond
Gray Capsule Pink Square Yellow Double Circle
Gray Diamond Pink Trapezoid Yellow Hexagon
Gray Oblong Pink Triangle Yellow Modified Rectangle
Gray Oval Purple Capsule Yellow Oblong
Gray Round Purple Hexagon Yellow Octagon
Green D-Shaped Purple Modified Rectangle Yellow Oval
Green Bow-Tie Purple Oblong Yellow Pentagon
Green Capsule Purple Oval Yellow Rectangular
Green Hexagon Purple Pentagon Yellow Round
Green Modified Rectangle Purple Round Yellow Shield
Green Oblong Purple Square Yellow Square
Green Octagon Purple Triangle Yellow Tear
Green Oval Red Capsule Yellow Triangle

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